Mandi Tinnel, CD(DONA)

Who is My Doula, Mandi?

Mandi has been providing Doula services  for friends and family in Arizona for about 10 years. It was while attending a family birth, that she was inspired to make this passion her life work.

Mandi has worked in the medical field for 20 years, in family practice, throughout the North West Valley and  is DONA (Doulas of North America) certified as birth doula. Mandi is a mother of two, breast feeding and baby-wearing advocate, amateur photographer and movie buff.

“Growing up, I was always babysitting, I even nannied for a time. I thought that my passion was babies and that I wanted to be an obstetrician to witness the miracle of life all the time. But, as with most things, time reveals the truth: my passion is helping women to not fear the birth process and what their bodies are MADE to do.”

“My first car? It was a Chevette. With no power steering. That I crashed and turned into a very large accordion only two weeks after getting my license!”

“Right now, the weirdest thing at my desk is a little Army guy standing on top of my monitor. When I first met my husband, he told me that he used to love those things as a kid so I started hiding one or two in his apartment every time I went to visit him. He saved them all. I keep that one Army guy to remind me of my Army guy.”

“We have a small menagerie of pets. We have a Beagle, a rat, dwarf hamsters and a new kitten.”

“Something I have always been fascinated with is the Northern Lights. I would like to see that one day. Preferably, from Iceland.”

“I love Halloween. I still dress up [almost] every year and I love going to Halloween parties to see everyone else playing along too. It’s just a fun, silly time. With CANDY”

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