Support for the Birth Partner

Don’t forget that a doula does not only support the laboring mother! A doula provides support for the partner too, which is every bit as important.

It is difficult for fathers and family members to remain objective and calm while seeing their loved one in pain and possibly behaving in a way they’ve never experienced before. Childbirth classes cannot fully prepare a new father/partner for what they will experience with labor and delivery. However, a doula has hands-on experience with this process and will not “freak out” or “lose it” when things get tough for mom. She will not forget techniques learned in that class several weeks ago. A doula will remain calm, help the partner to remain calm and remind them of ways to be of help to the laboring mother, in other words: I’m gonna make you look real good!

The partner may also feel like they cannot leave the mother alone to tend to their needs of rest, hunger or even to use the bathroom. When the partner becomes tired, they may begin to feel like no one cares about what they are feeling or needing. With a doula present, this will never be the case. A doula will anticipate the needs of the partner and make sure that they are given the time and support they need to be complete as well, without the mother ever experiencing a lack of support.

I want to be your teammate and coach. I want you to win MVP in the eyes of mom.

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