Mandi was an amazing Doula. The moment that we went into labor we were able to call her. She then asked questions about me to assess what stage of labor I was in. She would contact us every hour to check on how things were progressing. As soon as we needed her to come, she assured us that she would be there. The plan was for her to come to our house but things progressed quickly and she met us at the hospital. Once at the hospital, she was by our side the entire time. In triage, they let her come back and check on how things were going. She would ask questions and help to guide us. In the labor room, she was the voice of reason. I wanted to be in the shower, but my doctor wanted me to be hooked up the whole time. Mandi spoke with the nurses and was able to get them to compromise which moved my labor along quickly. Mandi suggested different position and ideas to help me feel more comfortable. She would take my lead and help with how I needed it. She would get water, juice and snacks as needed. During my active labor, she would massage my lower back and it help tremendously. She was even there for my husband. She had him go eat and take a break to be ready for the delivery. She would help us when the doctor was being pushy and aggressive by asking us if we needed time to think rather than trying to make a decision right away. This helped us greatly to stick with our birth plan. She coached us on breathing techniques during contractions and helped me to relax. Overall, she made our first birth experience amazing and I would glady choose her again. She is fun and positive and will help you along the way.  After delivery, she stayed to make sure that things were well. Then she stopped by the next day even though it was Thanskgiving to check up on us. She answered questions about breast feeding and about how I was feeling. A few weeks later she came to our house to discuss the delivery and our thoughts. Mandi is a tremendous Doula that we recommend to others. -Tiffany

Mandi was delightful!

I felt like a Queen with Mandi. Although we met for the first time when I was already in labor it was like she knew me. Everytime someone brought an issue up she would explain things to me and put me at ease. She gave me amazing massages and braided my hair. When my labor almost stopped due to some outside stress she was able to ground me and get me back in tract so that my contractions came back. I am 100% happy with her services and would recommended to all mothers. – Siri

My experience with Mandi as my Doula was great. She helped me so much. During labor she kept me calm and helped me stay calm and relaxed during each contraction. She also walked the halls with me for hours. During my delivery she helped me and my partner with each push. She reminded me to breath while pushing and helped my partner by showing him how to help me with pushing. After the delivery she helped with the skin to skin contact and showed me how to have baby latch on properly. Mandi stayed with my partner and I from 4 am Sunday morning until 12 am on Monday. She even came by Monday evening after she got off work just to see how we were. I’m so grateful that she was there for me. I would recommend her to everyone I know who is having a baby. – Amber

Mandi was EXCELLENT.  Through our unexpected long and hard labor — Mandi stuck it through without failing to give her 100%. Mandi provided excellent support during my natural labor which lasted around 20 hours; of which turned into a Ceserean and Mandi waited until I was all settled in after operation before heading home.  During the natural labor; Mandi helped and showed my family techniques to help me cope with contractions…which I was so thankful as I was dealing with back pain mostly.  When I was finally put under drugs to help me labor — Mandi waited in room and I could see how tired she was. She didn’t complain and took a nap on the floor…wow! DEDICATION.  When I was told I had to have Ceserean…Mandi (I found out later) guided my husband on what he needed to know and do while operation: he was able to record our daughter being cleaned and I know have those beautiful memories which I wasn’t present for but now can see through video and pictures 🙂    MANDI WAS EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, SUPER HELPFUL. WE ARE SO THANKFUL AND GLAD SHE WAS OUR DOULA…even as things didn’t go as planned: she was still by our side until baby and I were both back in recovery room.  Thank you, MANDI!!! A MILLION!!!- Kenia

I went into labor at 4:30AM and Mandi was the second person I called. She was by my side a short time later and didn’t leave my side for the rest of the day and into the next! During labor she was amazing! She did everything I couldn’t. She kept visitors at bay, responded to texts and even called my boss to tell him I was at the hospital. And most importantly she was there for me! She was in communication with the nurses, she helped them make sure I was comfortable, she held my hand and rubbed my head. Whatever I needed…she was there! When it was time to push she held my leg and helped coach me. I was in a daze and she was there to talk me through everything. All the while staying calm and in return calming me. When my daughter was born and everyone was fawning over my little one…she was by MY side. Again holding my hand and making sure I was taken care of. Later that night the family had to go and with no father in the picture,I would have been all alone for the first time with a newborn baby. But Mandi stayed the entire night. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bench again by my side. She got up with me at every whimper my daughter made and gave me a chance to rest after such a long day. All night she made sure I was comfortable and that I had all I needed. But what I really needed was her! She was a blessing to have with me during this beautiful experience. I highly recommend Mandi and will definitely want her along with me in my next baby journey!!! -Amanda

I can not say enough about how great it was to have Mandi as my Doula knowing she would be there every step of the way!! I’ve already told her she will now and forever be our go to for all our children and I wish I had met her sooner with my first. I am now the proud mama of 2 kiddos. After my first birth experience, of which was horrible, I was destined to ensure that my second would be the complete opposite. We interviewed several doulas, but as soon as we met Mandi we knew we had a winner. She was so easy to talk with and her presence was calming and comforting (an important quality for someone who will be present during a very private moment). We had several false alarms towards the end and Mandi was always readily available. The moment the real thing went down she showed up and went to work and I’m so thankful she was there. My labor was long, She never left my side in fact she slept in the chair next to my bed. She made sure my husband was comfortable and as involved as he wanted to be. More importantly, she made sure I was comfortable and had anything I needed. When my husband got nerves she gave him encouragement and advise. When it came time to push she made sure I was prepared and comfortable. She helped guide me the entire way. I could go on and on about what a great experience it was altogether and it wouldn’t have been such if it weren’t for Mandi and her services. Thank you so much!! One very happy client!  -Heather