If you’ve come this far, then you may have already decided that you’d like to have a doula at your birth. And if you’ve already made this important decision, then you may already have a pretty good idea of what a doula is, and what a doula can & will do for you; and by now, you are probably shopping for “The One”. So I will spare repeating information and instead, will spend this time giving you a little bit more information about why I am passionate about being a doula and why I have chosen to make this beautiful work my career.

I have given birth twice. After the first, I vividly recall laying in bed the next morning and equating my birth experience to being in a car accident. When all the adrenaline and fear wore off, and I was able to reflect on it, I was left with such sadness that I didn’t get to enjoy the experience. My partner felt helpless and scared, I felt like a failure. I cried and cried; and for years, I swore I’d never have another baby!

Fast forward 3 years to the pregnancy with my second child. I decided that I was getting a do-over and, by golly, this would be different! I didn’t know that doulas existed at that time, but I was determined to have a different experience. I was well-studied and acted as my own doula. I felt so accomplished! So strong! So confident! After a few months I was offering to be a surrogate for a friend!

Two very different birth experiences. Each one left me with very powerful feelings about not only childbirth, but also about myself and each had effected my self esteem in a major way. That is the fuel for the passion. With every birth I have attended in the last 10 years, it has been my personal goal to create the most positive birth experience possible for mom and her partner. Partners are encouraged to participate to their comfort level and given the support that they need to feel helpful, useful and proud to be an active part of the process.

I wish you the best of luck on your search and a happy, healthy pregnancy & baby!


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